IRS Representation

As an Enrolled Agent, I am licensed and trained to provide a taxpayer with representation before the Internal Revenue Service. I have personal experience with extensive line by line audits and know it can be a very difficult and stressful event.

IRS representation needs can include the events listed below as well as others.

  • Penalty Abatements
  • Non Filed Returns
  • Correspondence Audits
  • In Office Audits
  • Field Audits
  • TCMP Audit (most extensive)
  • Past Due Amounts/ Collections
  • Amended Tax Returns
  • Disputes with IRS Findings
  • IRS Letters of Deficiency
  • others......

Don't attempt to go it alone when Strategic Tax Solutions will be your advocate. We will meet with the IRS representatives in all phases of the inquiry. Often, your presence wont be required. Strategic Tax Solutions will always present the best, most beneficial tax position for you and or your company!